Rise Above Your Grief

Revive Your Hope…

After Loss

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My Hope

As a mama of an angel baby, I have found hope and joy in life again. I have a deep passion for bereaved parents finding their hope as well. I approach coaching with empathy, compassion and a belief that everyone’s journey is uniquely theirs. Both painful and beautiful, there is healing to be found from such a undeserved and traumatic loss. I feel a deep sense of privilege as I am invited to work with other parents as they process a life that they never wanted.


My Experience

  • Certified CPC through iPEC coaching academy

  • Certified ELI-MP

  • Worked for Bonnie Kelly for over 4 years

    Not only am I a veteran of hopeless sorrow from the loss of my first child, Brayden; but I’ve also lived in the trenches of grief, done the hard work to walk through the pain and risen above to the other side. I now live in authentic happiness and joy, and have deep sense of Hope again.

    I have taken everything that I’ve learned and strategically packaged it into a process to serve others as they walk through their pain and grief to ultimately find their Hope in life.



Client Reviews

Don’t jut take my word for it, read what other’s have to say about working with me:


Crystal U.

"I don’t easily trust people but quickly trusted Cassie. She stays present with me and provides valuable insights that allow me to see challenges in a new and solvable way.  She is compassionate, firm yet gentle, and knows how to insert humor at the most perfect moment. I’m so grateful for Cassie and the progress I have made since working with her. My life feels so much lighter now.”


Caitlin H.

“Working with Cassie was always such an incredible, safe space for me. I knew I could bring my imperfections, fears & mess and she would hold all of me perfectly so I could see myself that much clearer. She’s helped me SO MUCH. Forever grateful for her support!”


Sophie B.

Cassandra is an extremely compassionate and empathic coach. This means that when you have her attention, you feel seen, heard and cared for! She has a big heart and an incredible capacity to hold a safe space for all you as you struggle through your growth and question your beliefs enough to help you out of the dark corners and find a lighter angle. Cassandra has definitely found her calling in helping other mothers with loss.

Any woman working with Cassandra will find that she has found a soul with a burning desire to hold you in space of compassion and warmth and guide you to a place of hope and light again.

Cassandra has great love for her fellow women and as she has walked the steps of tremendous grief, she understands what is required to feel whole again.